S-224 Accident Curtain Group (2m x1m x1m)

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Key Features

Accident Curtain Group
(1) Fast and easy assembling. Once familiar with the assembly process, 2 persons can finish assembling a single layer curtain within 5 minutes. 2 persons can finish assembling double layer curtains within 10 minutes.
(2) Waterproof, windproof, light, stable.
(3) Convenient storage, portable, can be carried by hand or on your back.
(4) Can be extended limitlessly according to desired shape, length and width.
(5) Can be used as resting tent, takes up little space.
(6) After assembly, personnel can enter the curtain.
(7) Taiwan Patent No. M 472091 
     China Patent No. ZL 2014 2 0004026.9

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